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Talking Sports Books

Talking Sports Books is a captivating podcast helmed by seasoned broadcaster and sports enthusiast, Tim Caple. The show delves into the vibrant realm of sports literature, offering insightful commentary and engaging interviews with a diverse array of authors, filmmakers, and producers. Each month, listeners embark on a journey through the pages of gripping sports narratives, gaining a deeper understanding of the stories that shape the athletic world. As the podcast evolves, it broadens its scope to encompass a wider spectrum of sports media. From cinematic epics to stage performances, television dramas to cutting-edge digital content, Talking Sports Books offers a comprehensive exploration of how sports stories are brought to life across various platforms. With Tim Caple at the helm, this podcast continues to be a vital resource for sports enthusiasts, literature lovers, and anyone passionate about the intersection of athletics and storytelling. Listening via Podcast Radio, discover this dynamic fusion of sports, media, and literature.