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Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson’s Thriller Album

Step into the legendary recording sessions of Michael Jackson's groundbreaking album, Thriller, with hosts Anthony Marinelli and Steven Ray. In this captivating podcast, they sit down with the unsung heroes who helped shape the music industry. From the gifted songwriters to the meticulous producers, and the virtuoso musicians, each guest shares their intimate experiences, unveiling the trust, apprehension, and elation that filled the recording studio bubble. Listeners will be transported back to the very moments that birthed the album's unforgettable tracks. Explore the intricate process of songwriting, unravel the magic behind each performance, and gain unprecedented insight into the untold stories of the creative minds who crafted this musical masterpiece. Featured guests include luminaries like Greg Phillinganes, the Waters Family, Matt Forger, Paul Jackson Jr., Steve Porcaro, Lorraine Fields, and other indispensable contributors. With production by David Wolf and direction by Christian D. Bruun. Discover Stories in the Room: Michael Jackson's Thriller Album on Podcast Radio, an immersive journey through the heart of musical history.

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