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Gene ‘Bean’ Baxter Chats to Lawrence Peryer (Spotlight On)

In this engaging Podcast Radio interview, legendary host Gene Baxter welcomes Lawrence Peryer, the creator and host of the 'Spotlight On' podcast, a captivating show that has been illuminating the airwaves for over four years. Broadcasting from the Pacific Northwest, Lawrence introduces listeners to a diverse array of fascinating individuals from around the globe, with the people shaping the past, present, and future of culture, media, and entertainment. During the interview, Lawrence delves into the motivations behind his podcast, highlighting its role in providing a platform for emerging artists and unconventional ideas often overlooked by mainstream media. Gene and Lawrence explore the evolving landscape of the music industry, discussing the challenges and opportunities for aspiring musicians in the digital age. As Lawrence reflects on his extensive list of guests, he emphasizes the importance of curiosity, empathy, and sensitivity as common traits among creative individuals. The interview provides a glimpse into the mind of a podcast pioneer who navigates the dynamic world of creativity, sharing his unique perspective at the intersection of technology and entertainment. With a genuine passion for connecting with his audience, Lawrence Perrier invites everyone to join him on this captivating journey through the arts and beyond. Search Podcast Radio for more information on Spotlight On.

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