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Transacting Value

Embark on a transformative journey with the 'Transacting Value' podcast, a weekly, episodic exploration of personal values and their profound impact on various aspects of life. Hosted by Joshua 'Porter' Porthouse, a divorced Marine with combat and humanitarian experience, this conversation-styled podcast offers practical applications of values, addressing topics such as job satisfaction, burnout mitigation, healthy boundaries, self-worth enhancement, and nurturing meaningful relationships. Host, Porter, a lifelong martial artist, incorporates lessons from philosophy, psychology, history, and humanities to provide comprehensive and actionable insights. He shares experiences gained from battling personal demons and engaging with diverse cultures worldwide. What makes this podcast compelling is its unique blend of guests, personal anecdotes and global perspectives. Whether you're seeking increased satisfaction, mental resilience, or a deeper understanding of your values, the 'Transacting Value' podcast promises valuable guidance on your journey from perceived victim to victor. ┬áTune in for an enriching experience that adds significant value to your time.