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The Big Steal

The Big Steal takes listeners on a riveting journey through the labyrinthine history of modern Russian leadership. Hosted by the seasoned broadcaster and author Gavin Esler, this podcast delves deep into the enigmatic figures at the heart of the Kremlin's power dynamic: Mikhail Khodorkovsky, the ambitious head of the colossal Yukos oil company, and Vladimir Putin, the former KGB officer who ascended to the presidency. With a rich background in journalism and a knack for unraveling complex narratives, Esler brings a unique perspective to this captivating tale. Drawing from his encounters with global leaders, documented in books like "Lessons from the Top," he uncovers the art of storytelling that shapes and mobilizes influential figures. From Bill Clinton to Angela Merkel, and even cultural icons like Dolly Parton, Esler distills insights that illuminate the tactics of those in power. The Big Steal pis a compelling auditory experience, offering a fresh lens into the intricate web of modern Russian history and the captivating individuals who have shaped its course.