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Spiritual Mixtape

Welcome to 'Spiritual Mixtape', a transformative, relaxing podcast hosted by the expert guide, Daisy Mack. In a world spinning with speed, the host invites you to discover balance through practices centered around health, wellness, and self-care. As a breathwork and stress management specialist, sound healing coach, and yoga teacher, Daisy infuses her episodes with wisdom, empowering listeners to embrace a holistic approach to well-being. Episodes of 'Spiritual Mixtape' harmonize expert guidance with insightful conversations, creating a seamless blend of ancient practices and cutting-edge methods supported by the latest scientific research. Immerse yourself in techniques such as breathwork, yoga, meditation, and the soothing realm of sound healing. This podcast guides you on a journey that harmonizes the demands of modern life with the nurturing of your inner self. Join Daisy to discover the path to a healthy well-being and self-discovery through the soulful rhythms of 'Spiritual Mixtape'.