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Michael Harrison & Gene ‘Bean’ Baxter – World Radio Day 2024

In this captivating podcast episode, legendary broadcasters, Michael Harrison and Gene 'Bean' Baxter delve into the rich history, profound impact, and promising future of radio as the world celebrates 'World Radio Day'. Drawing on their extensive experience, they passionately explore radio's century-long legacy of informing, educating, and entertaining. They delve into radio's global reach and diverse dimensions, emphasizing its unique aesthetic that transcends platforms. The discussion delves into the critical role radio plays in modern culture and that radio remains relevant, urging the industry to protect its unique aesthetic amid the challenges faced by big media companies. This episode serves as a compelling exploration of radio's viability, its enduring cultural role, and the festivities surrounding 'World Radio Day'. Michael and Gene's infectious enthusiasm and belief in radio's continued evolution make this episode a must-listen for all.   World Radio Day, an official UN International Day, is celebrated on February 13th.