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Your Advantage Play

Your Advantage Play™ — hosted by the astute Joel Block — is a podcast journey "In Search of the Ultimate Competitive Advantage." Joel, a seasoned venture capitalist and hedge fund manager, delves into the intricacies of making, investing, and growing money. With a remarkable track record of building and advising numerous companies, he brings a unique perspective to the table. Joel is a former professional card-player, and now aims to figure out killer business strategies. Joel's podcast is a treasure trove of insights, blending his financial acumen with a futurist's foresight. His lightning-fast comprehension and wickedly sharp questions cut through the complexity, providing listeners with a deep understanding of business, businesses and market trends. Armed with creativity and a knack for disruption, Joel guides you to "Disrupt Your Competitors’ Future." Whether donning his futurist or advisor hat, he fearlessly shares the hard truths needed for success in the ever-changing landscape. Discover Your Advantage Play™ on Podcast Radio for a strategic roadmap to navigate the future and gain the upper hand in the game of disruption.  

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