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Go Beyond Here

Go Beyond Here is a captivating podcast that delves into spiritual dialogues with iconic singer-songwriters and composers whose melodies have woven into the tapestry of our lives. Host Kari Young, a seasoned journalist interviewing A-list musicians, discovered her own spiritual gift of connecting with departed loved ones. Now, she takes her unique ability to the podcast format, merging her past experiences with her present calling. In each episode, Kari engages legendary artists, providing them with insightful readings that resonate deeply. A standout moment features Kari linking The Zombies' Chris White with the late Terry Quirk, the creative mind behind the iconic artwork for "Odessey and Oracle." Kari's interviews transcend mere conversation; they are transformative encounters. With an impressive portfolio including Paste, PopSugar UK, and Huffington Post, Kari's journey is both inspiring and profound. Her gift has touched the lives of Grammy presenters and performers, been lauded in Harper's Bazaar, and extended to the charitable realm through pet readings for William Shatner's annual horse show auction. Discover Go Beyond Here, as it promises to inspire listeners to honor their own gifts and discover their purpose in a world where time is precious and tomorrow is never guaranteed.